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cropped-2014-2-GEOVELO.pngGeoVelo, LLC was officially started by Chris Dunn in June of 2012.  This was during the summer between his first and second year of law school at the University of Missouri.  Chris created GeoVelo to formalize what was previously a successful, but informal, geographic information systems (GIS) hobby/business.  By the time Chris formed the LLC, he had served nearly 20 GIS clients in the prior 10 years, all while working in his spare time on weekends and after work.

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Our Name: GeoVelo

Geo – Is the Latin word for earth, ground, soil, and the root of the word of geography.

Velo – Is the French word for bicycle.  Coincidentally, it is also the Latin word for vēlum ‎(“sail cloth”). Vēlum (Modern spelling vellum) is also the name of a traditional map making material.

GeoVelo combines two of Chris’s favorite things:  (1) The study of the earth via geography, and (2) riding under one’s own power on two wheels.

GeoVelo’s First GIS Clients

The Heartland Foundation, of St. Joseph Missouri, though Steve Wenger was Chris’s first private GIS mapping client.

Suzanne Alewine and Doris Boeckman, principals of Community Asset Builder, LLC, Jefferson City, Missouri were critical in helping GeoVelo discover there was a market for GIS.  Suz and Doris provided so much support as GeoVelo, started and started to find and develop relationships with our clients.  They remain GeoVelo clients and good friends.

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Kevin Pomfret Opening the Workshop

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