GeoVelo: Big in China

Not really.  Let me explain.  Like I have noted in the past, the website has been mostly dormant since its inception. However, a few weeks ago I committed to making a sustained effort to communicate with our clients via this website and the GeoVelo Facebook page. Conventional wisdom says I am supposed to use lots of key words like GIS, HIPAABusiness Intelligence, Tableau, Hospital Patient Data, and Analytics.

Did the prior sentence come across like the crass exploitation of a hard working SEO algorithm that it was meant as?  I hope so. Anyway, you my eleven dear readers are in for a show. Because I intend to really stick with this effort (I made him a promise) and these stream of consciousness posts are likely to reveal far more about me than I would otherwise be inclined to share. The Internet is forever.

Now, on to this China* business. As you know, I love geography and I find the location results the most interesting aspect of Google Analytics.  And it appears we are big in China: Relatively speaking.  I am not going to delude myself into thinking that someone in China get’s the whole GeoVelo milieu or that they understand what we are building and why we are motivated.  That would be awesome and we hope that many people in China are offering similar services to their business customers. However, it is likely just a web crawler doing its thing.

Now here’s where this post gets weird.   I’m open to the possibility that those hits might be also coming from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army web spider.  It is a thing.  Really.  Look it up. As a former Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) tech with a top secret security clearance, it is my thought that once the Chinese obtained all of the United State’s security clearance files my name may have migrated onto their “low level – maybe worth keeping an eye on him” list.

Because GeoVelo uses HIPAA data in the performance of our duties to our clients we consider our company an attractive hacker target.  We know they want to lay hands on your data, and we know that a single electronic medical record sells for as much as $75 on the dark web.** So, this brings us around to a question I want to pose to my current and future clients.

Who do you want to trust with your HIPAA and secret business data?  Do you want to trust some millennial who thinks that doing business is evil and who has never had to deal with the magnitude of consequences which would flow from a HIPAA data breach of 1.5 million patient’s medical records, or do you want a former bomb squad tech, who really distrusts Communists, and who is alive today because he’s a bit on the paranoid side? You know who you want watching your data. So, yeah it was a rhetorical question.

At GeoVelo we know they are out to get you, and they are out to get us.   That is why we use data security techniques like air gap networking and we use lots of encryption from the moment we receive your data until the moment we put the hard drive containing your data through our proprietary destruction process.

We do things to hard drives that would make Hillary Clinton slow clap.

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*We don’t trust the Russians either.

**Dark Web is a term marketing firms use to scare people.  I used it that way too, but, really it is not as evil as they make it appear.

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