Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and you meet some innovative people who are doing things a new way.  GeoVelo is excited to welcome our newest business intelligence client Fender.cars.  For several months now GeoVelo has been working with Adam Sharp, the CEO and majority owner, of Fender.Cars to demonstrate how geospatial technology and analytics can provide a hot ROI to his business.  Fender.Cars, like many nationwide ventures has a complex geographic business puzzle on its hands.  Without penetrating insights into the geographic distribution of Fender’s cash flow, customers, clients, and marketing efforts Fender.Cars would only get half the picture its spreadsheets and earnings reports offer. At GeoVelo, we live to solve these problems.

To provide that promised ROI, GeoVelo is becoming increasingly integral to Fender.Cars.  We develop their geographic data sets. We tie those data sets to their internal sales and market data.  We ask that data numerous geographically insightful questions.  We then use that data and the answers we extract from it to help Fender.Cars to hunt for new opportunities, exploit existing situations, and then spot problem areas before they grow.  We also provide the web based platform were Fender.Car’s staff will edit and update their geographic information.

We do this all for a very competitive price.  GeoVelo is proud to Power Fender.Cars.  Ask GeoVelo how we can help your business grow.

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Keep an eye on Fender.Cars and you will see some pretty amazing growth.