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Peter Gabriel Just Welcomed GeoVelo to the Big Time: GeoVelo is now the proud owner of our very own .com domain name. Years ago I tried to register* it but it was being used by a very cool French Bicycle Tourism organization. Sometime since 2012 they moved over to using**   It is ours now, so wooo hooo!

Why? Some folks have already asked me how much I paid, why I was that stupid, and why I think having a dot com address was worth the insane speculation market price.  Here is my thinking. People reflexively type dot com at the end of URLs.  I know I do.  Then I read a bunch of business articles on the topic.  This topic has been discussed to death.  The arguments for the purchase basically boil down to ‘if you own the dot com address your business will look less to the world like it is really just some weird dude working from his basement in some obscure tech niche.‘  Apparently, to the neurotypicals of this world these things matter. Or so I am told.

This is a darn reliable vehicle
The GeoVelo Mobile is seen dropping off Nikki (a future Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice) after a cold wet field-work day.  Many miles were driven on county roads that day, verily I say this un to thee.

How Much?  It is my belief that the domain name speculators I purchased the name from priced it based upon the web traffic volume the most likely buyer is currently generating.  We have been using and our visitor volume is understandably quite low. And supposedly is a premium domain composed of two words and with the dot com.  So, the domain name was priced accordingly.  However, it was priced near the bottom of the premium price scale.  Because we are ramping up the GeoVelo web presence it seemed that it was a good idea to buy the name now before they raised the price after we actually have a noticeable presence on the web. So, to beat around the bush some more – the domain cost 2.5 times the median Kelly Blue Book trade in value of the GeoVeloMobile:  A 2005 base model Toyota Matrix with 250,000 miles in good condition. Yes, it cost much more than the car I am driving is worth.  But, I see this purchase as adding value, value we are passing on to our clients.  And, in some ways I think this will be an investment that pays off in the long run.

If you were ever curious about how I decided to name the company GeoVelo click here.



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*The link won’t work for a few more days. There is some interwebs technical stuff involved in moving the ownership.

**Please give our bicycle loving friends in France a visit. The site is pretty cool. They are doing some great things mapping France from the cyclist’s perspective.  So, please don’t miss it.