MAGIC 2016 – Adventures in GIS Law

On Sunday April 24, 2016 at the Overland Park Convention Center & Sheraton my team taught an 8-hour course in geospatial law to GIS practitioners from 6 states across the Midwest.  My team offers its thanks to the amazing volunteers who put on the 2016 MAGIC Symposium.

Here is the course description:

102. Legal Issues in GIS (Class/Introductory) – Chris Dunn, Law Office of Christopher W. Dunn; Amie Coleman & Tom Haynes – Carson & Coil
Chris Dunn, Amie Coleman, and Tom Haynes are lawyers licensed to practice in Missouri. The Missouri rules of professional conduct require them to remind you that; the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.
Join us for an introduction into the legal aspects of the geospatial profession in this new course. Public policy touches GIS in many ways, and we plan to discuss as many of those ways as possible: state open records acts, geospatial data acts, liability, sovereign immunity, intellectual property, privacy of your constituents, data use licenses, charging for your data – or not, plus all the questions you pose to us.
We’ll discuss how the law applies to you and your organization and why that knowledge is so important. Do you know what you should know before you are called to testify about your data in court? We do and we want you to, too. We’ll put on our propeller beanies and talk about drones. After we land that discussion, we’ll talk about the gathering geospatial data licensing storm. Last but not least, we’ll point you toward additional geospatial legal help available to you.

THANKS TO EVERYONE:  I would like to thank all of the intrepid GIS people who took the first GIS Legal Issues short course at MAGIC’s 2016 Symposium.  It was an honor to be one of your instructors.  I know Amie, Tom, Shannon and Steve enjoyed getting to know the GIS community. I also want to thank David Drum and Amber Reynolds for taking a chance on us.  Finally, I want to thank the good people at Community Asset Builders, LLC in Jefferson City.  They put up with me living, eating, and sleeping geospatial law at work for several months before the conference.

DEVELOPMENTS IN GEOSPATIAL LAW:  I promised those of you who took the course that I would post developments and resources in geospatial law regularly on my website. I’ve already started and I’m changing some aspects of this site’s navigational layout so you’ll be able to quickly access those resources.

COURSE MATERIALS: If you missed the course, but want to access the materials click here.


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PHOTOS:  MAGIC 2016 Symposium – GIS Legal Issues – the photos:

Chris Dunn, Geospatial Law Talkin' Guy
Chris Dunn, Geospatial Law Talkin’ Guy
Dr. Shannon White
Amie Coleman, JD and Tom Haynes, JD
GIS practitioners from 5 states
We were lucky to have such involved students
The ladies in the back row asked all the tough questions!
Two serious looking fellows, who were a lot of fun to have in class.