Mizzou Law Veteran’s Clinic Map

If you live in Missouri, and you would like the world’s most patriotic map, then feel free to download this one.  The Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic uses this map to record the location of the veterans they serve.  You are now free to download a copy.

You might download it to a thumbdrive, and take it the nearest FedEx/Kinkos (or similar place) and they can print it for you for a little bit of money.  I suggest you laminate it.  Then, put it on a whiteboard and use these magnets to track your, or your favorite veteran’s deployments.

The link takes you to a 2.5 meg file.  The original is 54 megs.  That is too large to upload here.  But, if you want a copy of the big map please let me know at Chris.Dunn@GeoVelo.org.














DISCLAIMER:  Obviously, neither the University of Missouri, the University of Missouri School of Law, the US Military, the American Dodgeball Association America, the Supreme Court of the United States, ESRI, FedEx/Kinkos, nor the Union of Concerned Cartographers endorse this map.