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If you have ever visited this website you surely noticed very little ever changes here.  The reason for that is simple.  I have been too darn busy working on client projects to keep the page up. When you run a small business there are hundreds of things constantly vying for your attention.  The most important of them is delivering what you promised to your clients and delivering it on or before the date it is due. Websites are easily neglected.  No more.

Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn

To offer GeoVelo’s services to more clients it has been readily apparent for a year or more that I need help.  In the past few months I have actively hunted for people who share my values and I have been fortunate to have formed several new business relationships with other independent business people and with some old friends who have been around GIS as long as I have. Mike will be assisting me with client projects, GeoVelo’s marketing, and we are excited to announce that we are developing entirely in-house a GIS client (web GIS Server) which will fill a badly unserved niche in the automobile direct-sales market. Ray

And we are super excited to announce that our newest client is Fender.Cars.  If you haven’t heard of Fender.Cars you will.  This innovative start-up is changing the way people buy cars.  That is a pretty crazy claim, because after all aren’t there already over a 100 different car shopping websites claiming to do just that?  Yes, there are.  However, Fender.Cars is different because they help the consumer leverage the geospatial technology in their smartphone or device to help communicate with car dealers in a much more usable, affordable and efficient way!  Car dealers are incentivized by the Fender.Cars model to ensure people shopping for their next car are treated right and rewarded for trusting the Fender.Cars approach.

Behind the scenes GeoVelo is powering the Fender.Cars geospatial engine and we feel that being invited to be a part of their success is quite an endorsement.   We can’t tell you everything we are doing to assist Fender.Cars, but we can tell you that we are grateful to be working for a company that is ethical and believes in their obligation to protect their customer’s personal information. That aligns very nicely with GeoVelo’s commitment to be an ethical business partner.

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Chris Dunn

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