Tools of the Trade

Chris Dunn Verifying the Accuracy of the GPS on a Benchmark

It takes time, expertise, and the right equipment to provide you with accurate measure of an accident or crime scene.  GeoVelo doesn’t leave for a site visit without most or all of the following items:

300 W – 12v to 120v Auto Inverter
AA Batteries (Min. 16)
AAA Batteries (Min. 16)
Air Pump
Bow Saw
Bungee Cords
Camera – With 64 Gig Memory Card
Camera – Download Cable
Car Jack & Tire Tool
Compass (South Facing)
Engineer’s Scale
Entrenching Tool (E-Tool)
Field Box
Fix-a-Flat (2 Cans)
Flashlights 2 ea (AA Bat)
Fluorescent Gloves (2 Pair)
Fluorescent Ground Marking Paint
Fluorescent Orange Pegs (5 each)
Folding Table (Aluminum)
Geodesy 3-Ring Notebook
Gloves (Leather Work)
Gloves (Neoprene Winter)
GNSS Receiver & Antenna
GPS Puck (USB)
Hand Shovel
Headlamp LED (2AA Batteries)
Laptop – Auxiliary Battery
Laptop – Power Supply
Laptop (GPS Enabled)
Leather Work Gloves
Lens Cleaning Kit
Level Rod Bipod
Level Rod (Decimal Feet)
Level Rod (GPS – Carbon Fiber In Protective Box)
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) (6)
Measuring Tape – 25’
Measuring Tape – 300’
Measuring Wheel
Mechanical Pencils (3)
Metal Detector – Headphones
Metal Detector – in Protective Box
Metal Detector – Metal Test Samples
Microfiber Cloth
Mosquito Repellent
Notebook – Field Notes
Notice of “Mapper in the Area” Sign for Vehicle
Peg Hammer
Pelican Case (Yellow Stripe)
Plumb Bob & String
Proof of Vehicle Title & Insurance
Reflective Vest (one for each crew member)
Search Light (12v)
Shovel (Sharpshooter)
Site Workplan
Sokkia Transit & Case
Spare Bulbs for the Transit
Spare Memory Card
Spare Tire
String – Fluorescent
Surveyor’s Tape (2 Colors)
Toilet Paper (in Zip Lock Bag)
Torpedo Level
Trash Bags (20 Gallon)
Vehicle Sunshade
Warning Light (12 V Flashing)
Wire Marking Flags (20+)

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