Hello Missouri Mappers,

Sue Ann Stokes has me scheduled to give the keynote at the annual conference in Springfield this year.

We’ve decided on this topic: Things the Missouri Mappers would like Missouri’s Realtors to know from our perspective.  I need your help to really develop a good list of your concerns.  So please take a minute and fill out the form below, or send me an email.  I’ll keep your suggestions confidential.  If you want, you can also tell me your craziest ‘keeper of the maps’ story.

Coincidentally, I will have chance to present some of your suggestions to members of the Missouri Realtors Association – if you get them to me before April 23.  I’m presenting a continuing education class on digital maps at their conference in St. Charles on April 24.  I have included just one of the 86 slides to get the conversation rolling.

My goal in speaking to both groups about this topic is to have some fun, but in the long run the real objective is to help reduce friction between these two important groups of professionals.

We have a really great property records and cadastral mapping system in Missouri.  As I’ve said in public many times – society would collapse overnight if assessors and cadastral mappers couldn’t do what you do!

You also need to know that I really love working with Realtors.  I find their entrepreneurial and problem solving spirit energizing.

Ok, go!