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Topics Mapped for Our Healthcare Clients with Geographic Information Systems Mapping and Analysis

  • Patient Locations
  • Patient Density Heat Maps
  • Patient Payor Source Mix
  • Medicare Patient Location
  • Medicaid Patient Location
  • Commercial Insurance Patient Location
  • Discount Patient Location
  • Patient Density
  • Hospital or Clinic Service Areas
  • Site Selection Zoning and Environmental Clearance
  • Prenatal Health
  • Diabetes Prevalence
  • Projected Prediabetes Rates
  • Telehealth Site Locations
  • Patient Demographics
  • Federal Poverty Rates by Zip Code
  • Grant Service Areas
  • Oral Health Demand
  • Mental Health Demand
  • Medically Underserved Areas and Populations
  • WIC Delivery Rates by Zip Code
  • Child Abuse Rates
  • HUD Program Sites & Clinic Patient Locations
  • UDS Report Data – Change by Year and by Zip Code
  • UDS Service Area Gaps and Overlaps
  • Political & Electorial Boundaries
  • Rural Health Planning Grants
  • Child Advocacy Centers
  • Perinatal Oral Health Quality Improvement Initiative
  • Estimated Number of FQHC Patients by Congressional District
  • Patient Distance to Care
  • Teen Pregnancy – By Address
  • Number of Patients per Address
  • Facility Locations
  • Census Tract, Block Group, and Block Demographics
  • Unduplicated patients by Address or by Zip Code
  • Patient Hospital/Clinic/ER Visits by Address
  • 911 Address Mapping
  • Teen Pregnancy Rates by School District
  • Driving Distance and Time to Hospitals
  • Competing Hospital Locations and Estimated Service Areas
  • Clinical Trial Patient Locations
  • Clinical Trial Study Area Demographics
  • Public Health Factors
  • Substance Abuse Service Expansion Sites
  • Inset Maps
  • Dual Eligible Patient Visits by Patient Zip Code
  • Homeless Patients by Zip Code
  • Behavior Health Patient Locations by Zip Code

Healthcare Business Intelligence:

You don’t know your market until you see it geographically.  Let GeoVelo help you find market hotspots and opportunities.

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