Courtroom Demonstrative Exhibits: Your jurors are visual learners.  Showing them your case while you make your case is how you win.

What is Demonstrative Evidence? Demonstrative evidence is evidence in the form of a representation of an object. This is, as opposed to, real evidence, testimony, or other forms of evidence used at trial.  Great lawyers use demonstrative evidence to illustrate a fact, condition, or theory.  When presenting your case you may use 3-D crime scene models, maps, scale models, charts, object replicas, and video automations of the witness(es), perpetrator(s), or the victim(s) viewpoint.

Any of these objects may be used, in the trial court’s discretion, as long as it is established that the item is:

  • is relevant;
  • fairly represents the object or conditions it is offered to demonstrate; and
  • will not tend to mislead the trier of fact.

You can see below why your case requires demonstrative exhibits prepared by professionals.

demo1 demo2






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